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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pantera-Power Metal album and Live in Dallas 1988

Many people don't know it, but Pantera was a hair band back in the 80s. Their first three albums have some other singer, but their fourth, Power Metal, was the first one with the definitive lineup of Phil Anselmo, Darrell Abbott, Vinnie Paul Abbott and Rex Brown, and was the last one before Cowboys From Hell. It sounds about like standard 80s cheese-metal, if not worse.

1. Rock The World
2. Power Metal
3. We'll Meet Again
4. Over & Out
5. Proud To Be Loud
6. Down Below
7. Death Trap
8. Hard Ride
9. Burn
10. P.S.T '88

Part two is a live radio broadcast from the Power Metal era. They sounded a lot better live than on the album, and Phil's stage raps have to be heard to be believed.

1. Death Trap
2. Rock The World
3. Power Metal
4. We'll Meet Again
5. The Art Of Shredding
6. Budweiser jingle
7. Darrell Solo
8. The Sleep
9. Over & Out

Download Complete File (both parts)
Download 30 second mp4 sample (Power Metal)
Download 30 second mp4 sample (Dallas)


Anonymous said...

Whats the font used in the title??? (the font that was used to write power metal and Dallas 1988)

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