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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dead Kennedys-Jello's Revenge

Part I: The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, October 25, 1979.
1. Police Truck
2. Holiday In Cambodia
3. Chemical Warfare
4. Ill In The Head
5. Short Songs
6. California Über Alles
7. Kill The Poor
8. Funland At The Beach
9. Back In Rhodesia
10. Dreadlocks Of The Suburbs

Part II: The Farm, San Francisco, May 24, 1985.
11. Take This Job And Shove It
12. Macho Insecurity
13. The Man With The Dogs
14. Soup Is Good Food
15. Too Drunk To Fuck
16. MTV Get Off The Air
17. A Child And His Lawnmower
18. One Way Ticket To Pluto
19. Lie Detector
20. Goons Of Hazard
21. Let's Lynch The Landlord



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