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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Clash-Jamaica 1982

1. London Calling
2. Police On My Back
3. Guns Of Brixton
4. Magnificent Seven
5. Armagideon Time
6. Magnificent Seven (Reprise)
7. Unco Partner
8. Spanish Bombs
9. One More Time
10. Train In Vain
11. Bankrobber
12. Radio Clash
13. Clampdown
14. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
15. Rock The Casbah
16. Straight To Hell

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Anonymous said...

You have great taste! This is one of the BEST blogs I have ever seen! It is as good as Hear Rock City and Chocoreve.
Too bad I can't download on megaupload! It does not work here in Brazil.
Can you use another file deposit?
Thanks and sorry for asking!
Keep rocking

Anonymous said...

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