All shows are soundboards unless otherwise noted. All files are .zips containing mp3s converted @ 160kbps. Once you've downloaded a file, it's yours to keep. Burn it, redistribute it, pass out copies on the street, I don't care.

Note: Well, they kicked my ass off YouTube, so no more samples.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've re-uploaded some of the dead links:

Nirvana: Paramount Theater, Seattle, 10/31/91

Metallica: One Last Visit With Dave Mustaine

Black Sabbath: Worcester Mass. 1983

Iron Maiden: Live After Death-Castle Bonus Tracks

I'll be re-upping more as I figure out which ones are expired.


Jeff Tucker - Hudson, MA said...


This is a great blog and a fantastic collection of boots. I discovered it about a week ago and have been helping myself to several. FYI- The Clash from Jamaica had also expired, I was bummed because the 30 second sample sounded crystal clear. I'm in connaisseur of bootlegs and yours are top shelf! I enjoy the range of material from Sinatra to Metallica. Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

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