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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Black Sabbath with Rob Halford-1992 & 2004

Part I: Costa Mesa, CA 1992
Halford replaced Ronnie James Dio for the last two concerts of the Dehumanizer tour. Tracks 1-10 are from the second night, and 11 and 12 are from the first night. Or maybe the other way around, I'm not sure. Both are decent audience recordings.

Rob Halford (vocals)
Geezer Butler (bass)
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Vinny Appice (drums)

1. The Mob Rules
2. Computer God
3. Children Of The Sea
4. Symptom Of The Universe
5. N.I.B.
6. Die Young
7. Into The Void
8. Heaven And Hell
9. Supernaut
10. Neon Knights
11. Sweet Leaf
12. Children Of The Grave

Part II: Camden, NJ 2004
It happened again twelve years later when Rob filled in for an ailing Ozzy on one Ozzfest stop. This is either a soundboard or an audience recording that might as well be a soundboard.

Rob Halford (vocals)
Geezer Butler (bass)
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Bill Ward (drums)

1. War Pigs
2. N.I.B.
3. Fairies Wear Boots
4. Into The Void
5. Black Sabbath
6. Iron Man
7. Paranoid

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30 second samples


KISSman said...

I was there and was one of the only people in the audience that loved the annoucement that Rob was going to front Black Sabbath for the night! The rest of the crowd was PISSED off!! I knew I was watching a important moment in rock, but no one else seemed to care. They made a mistake by not letting everyone know until just before the set, though. Thanks for the audio!

Kubman said...

Thanks for these shows!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear this-Cheers,John.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing . . . im ready to check it out

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great fuckin shit !!!

One of the best bands, and one of the best singers ever !!! Legendary !!!

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

nkdcpl said...

I remember the Costa Mesa show quite well! I closed my eyes, leaned my head back and thought
"fuck yeah"!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Halford rules!!! Sabbath without Ozzy is always good. DIO rules. Ozzy is a clown