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Saturday, October 27, 2007

White Zombie-Early Independant Releases

Here are all of White Zombie's albums, singles and EPs released prior to their signing with Geffen. It's interesting to hear them evolve from a garage band to a sound more like La Sexorcisto. They're all in one big file at the bottom of the post adding up to about two and a half hours. Happy Halloween!

Gods On Voodoo Moon EP (1985)

1. King Of Souls
2. Gentleman Junkie
3. Tales From The Scarecrow Man
4. Cat's Eye Resurrection
5. Black Friday
6. Dead Or Alive
Vocals: Rob (Zombie) Straker
Bass: Sean Yseult
Guitar: Ena Kostabi
Drums: Peter Landau

Pig Heaven single (1986)

1. Pig Heaven
2. Slaughter The Grey
Vocals: Rob (Zombie) Straker
Bass: Sean Yseult
Guitar: Either Tim Jeffs or Tom Guay. I'm not sure which pressing this is.
Drums: Ivan de Prume

Psycho-Head Blowout EP (1987)

1. Eighty-Eight
2. Fast Jungle
3. Gun Crazy
4. Kick
5. Memphis
6. Magdalene
7. True Crime
Vocals: Rob (Zombie) Straker
Bass: Sean Yseult
Guitar: Tom Guay
Drums: Ivan de Prume

Soul-Crusher (1987)

1. Ratmouth
2. Shack Of Hate
3. Drowning The Colossus
4. Crow III
5. Die, Zombie, Die
6. Skin
7. Truck On Fire
8. Future Shock
9. Scum-Kill
10. Diamond Ass
Vocals: Rob (Zombie) Straker
Bass: Sean Yseult
Guitar: Tom Five (Guay)
Drums: Ivan de Prume

Make Them Die Slowly (1989)

1. Demon Speed
2. Disaster Blaster
3. Murderworld
4. Revenge
5. Acid Flesh
6. Power Hungry
7. Godslayer
Vocals: Rob Zombie
Bass: Sean Yseult
Guitar: John Ricci
Drums: Ivan de Prume

God Of Thunder EP (1989)

1. God Of Thunder
2. Love Razor
3. Disaster Blaster 2
Vocals: Rob Zombie
Bass: Sean Yseult
Guitar: Jay Yuenger
Drums: Ivan de Prume

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PUSWART said...

I had seen these floating around a few years back but never picked them up. These are sure a long way from where Zombie is now. Kind of fun to hear. Thanks.

Austin said...

Thanks for all the fish.

Brian said...

Awsome!!!! I have been looking for these forever! Thank You so much. It's really amazing to hear a band like this evolve.

Drzyko said...

Amazing How they went from such a punk influence to the Metal GOD'S that they are!!!!

John Rapp said...

Dude, this is badass. Thank you!