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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

KISS-Nashville TN 1984

This is probably the best complete soundboard with Vinnie Vincent, who was probably the best replacement guitarist KISS ever had. And if you don't believe me, just download the show and hear for yourself. I dare you.

Disc 1
1. Creatures Of The Night
2. Detroit Rock City
3. Cold Gin
4. Fits Like A Glove
5. Firehouse
6. Guitar Solo-Paul Stanley
7. Gimme More
8. Guitar Solo-Vinnie Vincent
9. War Machine
10. Bass Solo-Gene Simmons
11. I Love It Loud

Disc 2
1. I Still Love You
2. Drum Solo-Eric Carr
3. Young And Wasted
4. Love Gun
5. All Hell's Breakin' Loose
6. Black Diamond
7. Lick It Up
8. Rock And Roll All Nite

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Iron Maiden-Nürburgring Germany 2005

This one's from the Early Days Tour, where the whole setlist was from the first four albums.

Disc 1
1. Ides of March (taped intro)
2. Murders in the Rue Morgue
3. Another Life
4. Prowler
5. The Trooper
6. Remember Tomorrow
7. Where Eagles Dare
8. Run To The Hills
9. Revelations
10. Wrathchild

Disc 2
1. Die With Your Boots On
2. Phantom Of The Opera
3. The Number Of The Beast
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name
5. Iron Maiden
6. Running Free
7. Drifter
8. Sanctuary

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elvis-Las Vegas: Feb. 23, 1970

I don't think I need to remind anybody what happened thirty years ago today, do I?

1. All Shook Up
2. I Got A Woman
3. Long Tall Sally
4. Don't Cry Daddy
5. Hound Dog
6. Love Me Tender
7. Kentucky Rain
8. Let It Be Me
9. I Can't Stop Loving You
10. See See Rider
11. Sweet Caroline
12. Polk Salad Annie
13. Instrumental Interlude
14. Introductions 1
15. Blueberry Hill / Lawdy Miss Clawdy
16. Heartbreak Hotel
17. One Night
18. It's Now Or Never
19. Suspicious Minds
20. Introductions 2
21. Can't Help Falling In Love
22. Walk A Mile in My Shoes *

* I'm not sure where this last song is from, it was just tacked on the end. A rehersal maybe?

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Judas Priest-Long Beach CA, 1984: Pre-FM Master

This is of much better quality than the usual version of this show in circulation. ABC Defenders was taped onto cassette directly off the radio broadcast on WNEW New York, while this version sounds closer to the live bonus tracks on the remasters (except for one song). This is probably the best Defenders show to be had.

Disc 1
1. Love Bites
2. Jawbreaker
3. Grinder
4. Metal Gods
5. Breaking The Law
6. Sinner
7. Desert Plains
8. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
9. The Sentinal

Disc 2
1. Rock Hard, Ride Free
2. Night Comes Down
3. The Hellion/Electric Eye
4. Heavy Duty/Defenders Of The Faith
5. Freewheel Burning
6. Victim Of Changes
7. Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) *
8. Living After Midnight
9. Hell Bent For Leather
10. You've Got Another Thing Comin'

* This song is from the WNEW source. I added EQ and some fancy-shmancy cross fades, so it sounds pretty close to the rest of it.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The White Stripes-Maida Vale Studios, London 2007

Here's the White Stripes doing an in-studio BBC broadcast last June 13th. This will melt your speakers

1. Let's Shake Hands
2. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
3. The Denial Twist
4. I'm Slowly Turning Into You
5. Effect And Cause
6. The Same Boy You've Always Known
7. I Think I Smell A Rat
8. Ball And Biscuit
9. Wasting My Time
10. You're Pretty Good Looking
11. A Martyr For My Love For You
12. Hotel Yorba
13. Blue Orchid
14. Hello Operator
15. We're Going To Be Friends
16. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
17. Seven Nation Army

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